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A book a day? National Reading Day and beyond

Enjoy books throughout the year, not just on National Reading Day!

Enjoy books throughout the year, not just on National Reading Day!

It’s National Reading Day today. Reading is a special favorite in my family, something we enjoy together. Flights of imagination, learning about our world and beyond, peeking inside the human body, stories about magical lions, secret worlds, flying horses, super or just strange powers, hunger games, countries beyond our own, poverty, fortitude, courage, compassion, love … The whole gamut of human feelings, experiences, knowledge, existence, LIFE as we know it and LIFE as we imagine, between the pages of a book!

One of my favorite sites, Common Sense Media, sent out a list (or lists) for National Reading Day, in age appropiate selections. I’ve shared that below for your enjoyment.

So, pick up a book, read to your kids, read to the whole family, it fosters togetherness, wonderful memories to carry with you, tucked away safely in the pages of a book. When you share your love for reading with children, there is a special wide-eyed look of joy and wonder that will reward you. And, don’t forget to do yourself a favor, read to and for yourself! Curl up in a nook and let a magical book transport you far, far away …

Our list of favorite books for kids of every age in celebration of National Reading Day.
New This Week Reviews by Age What we Love Big Issues what parents and kids are saying
Common Sense Media - Gift Guide

Common Sense Media

Today Is National Reading Day!National Reading DayIn celebration of this annual event — which encourages reading for younger kids and helps them become lifelong learners — our editors have selected some of their favorite books for kids of every age. We’ve also included a few of our “best books” lists, which are full of great stories that are bound to spark your kid’s imagination and keep the pages turning.

Ages 2-4

Red Sled,
by Lita Judge

Jonathan and the
Big Blue Boat
by Philip Christian Stead

Press Here,
by Herve Tullet

The Astonishing Secret
of Awesome Man
by Michael Chabon
View full list
Ages 5-7

Sylvia Long’s Thumbelina,
by Sylvia Long

Crouching Tiger,
by Ying Chang Compestine

The Bippolo Seed and
Other Lost Stories
by Dr. Seuss

Way Up and Over Everything,
by Alice McGill
View full list
Ages 8-10

The Book of Wonders,
by Jasmine Richards

by Brian Selznick

The Cabinet of Earths,
by Anne Nesbet

The Mostly True Story of Jack,
by Kelly Barnhill
View full list
Ages 11-13

The Apothecary,
by Maile Meloy

by Ian McDonald

Down the Mysterly River,
by Bill Willingham

by Veronica Roth
View full list
Ages 14-17

Janis Joplin:
Rise Up Singing
by Ann Angel

Finnikin of the Rock,
by Melina Marchetta

Ready Player
by Ernest Cline

For the Win,
by Cory Doctorow
View full list
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4 thoughts on “A book a day? National Reading Day and beyond

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and hitting the like button.
    I look forward to following yours. I didn’t know about National Reading Day but I knew about National Pie Day. My priorities seem off a bit.
    I thought you might enjoy a post I did of my favorite bookshelf a while back

    Posted by rutheh | January 28, 2012, 1:50 am
  2. I just bought my nephew Press Here for Christmas and we love reading it before nap time. Gosh, I love children’s books.

    Posted by Cassie | January 23, 2012, 6:50 pm

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